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Publisher policy version

Version: 2023-01-26

Google Play Store policy reference: 2022-12-14


The Solana dApp Store aims to be the best place for Web3 users to discover and install apps for Saga. Free of fees for users (other than network transaction fees), it provides a channel for developers to deliver their high-quality apps to users that is friendly to crypto and web3. Developers are free to establish direct relationships with their users, including financial relationships, without interference by the method of app distribution.

It is worth noting that the Solana dApp Store makes a distinction between app publishing and catalog curation. Apps are published on-chain in a permissionless manner, represented by NFTs. Anyone can publish an app, and possession of the private key for the publishing account provides control over publishing of new versions of the app. The Solana dApp Store catalog is a curated collection of apps published on-chain, is managed by Solana Mobile, and to which the policies outlined in this document apply. Solana Mobile reserves the right to make the final determination on what dApps are available in the Solana dApp Store.

The policies outlined in this document exist as an effort to protect users from malicious, unwanted, or deceptive software. They will be revisited from time to time, to ensure that the Solana dApp Store continues to serve its mission as outlined above.


The publisher policies of the Solana dApp Store are intended to mirror those of the Google Play Store, except where those policies conflict with the Solana dApp Store mission. The relevant version of the Google Play Store policies is referenced in the header of this policy guide.



  • All references to “Google Play”, “Google Play Store”, or similar instead refer to “Solana dApp Store”
  • All references to “Developer Distribution Agreement”, “DDA”, or similar instead refer to the Solana dApp Store Developer Agreement, linked in the navigation.

Restricted Content

  • Remove “Inappropriate Content > Marijuana” policy
  • Remove “Inappropriate Content > Tobacco and Alcohol” policy
  • Remove “Financial Services” policy
  • Remove “Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests” policy

Note: the remaining items in this category are “Child Endangerment”, some portions of “Inappropriate Content”, and "Illegal Activities”

Monetization and Ads

  • Remove “Payments” policy
  • Remove “Families Self-Certified Ads SDK Program” policy

Store Listing and Promotion

  • Remove “Content Ratings” policy
  • Remove “News” policy


  • Section removed in its entirety, as the Solana dApp Store does not currently have a Families program equivalent

Questions and appeals

For any policy questions, or to appeal a rejection, please email, and provide as much detail as possible.