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Kotlin Android Development

Kotlin is an officially supported programming language for Android development and is used to build native Android apps.

This section of the site provides a developer guide for building Kotlin Android apps for Solana.


Core Kotlin SDKs

Read these guides for a collection of code snippets and examples for basic use cases commonly used in Solana Kotlin dApps.

Benefits of native Android development

Direct access to Android OS features

Developing on Android enables convenient and full access to the Android platform's capabilities. Developers can access OS-specific functionalities like Camera SDK, ARKit, Touch ID, hardware sensors, etc without needing any bridging.

Optimized performance

Native Android apps, as a result of full utilization of the system capabilities, generally have better performance and efficiency. Native apps provide the highest attainable frame rates, computing power, graphics support, etc.

Jetpack Compose

Kotlin enables the building of Android apps using Jetpack Compose, a modern toolkit for creating native Android UIs. The Kotlin sample apps on this documentation site are all built with Jetpack Compose.