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Welcome publishers!

We’re glad you’re ready to learn about publishing your Web3 apps on the Solana dApp Store, the fee-free app store for the Saga device.

Why publish on the Solana dApp Store?

The Solana dApp Store is an app store for the Saga, a flagship Android phone from Solana Mobile designed for Web3. The dApp Store offers the attention of engaged Web3-focused users of the Saga device, combined with publisher policies compatible with crypto use-cases, such as NFTs, DeFi, payments, blockchain gaming, and more.

Friendly home for Web3 content

dApps are allowed to let users buy, sell, and trade digital goods, participate in DeFi, token-gate experiences based on the contents of a users’ wallets, send and receive microtransactions, use the payment system of its choice, etc, freely, without policies preventing these uses.


What do we mean by this? We mean that no fees are collected by us, Solana Mobile Inc. from users of the dApp Store. There may still be network transaction fees or app-specific fees associated with usage of the store, or of apps installed by it. None of these fees are collected by, or on behalf of, Solana Mobile Inc.

Publishing vs. curation

With the Solana dApp Store, apps are published on-chain, represented by NFTs (representing you the publisher, your app, and each release). These NFTs belong to you - ownership of the private key for the minting account grants the right to publish new versions of that app. These NFTs describe each release of an app, and contain everything necessary to display the details of that app to users.

Once minted, you submit the details of your app NFT to the Solana dApp publisher portal for inclusion in the catalog. This catalog is curated by Solana Mobile Inc., based on our publisher policies.