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Publishing to the Solana dApp Store


Publishing a dApp to the Solana dApp Store involves the following:

  1. Create a set of NFTs describing the dApp, publisher, and release on-chain.
  2. Submit a request to the Solana dApp Store publisher portal requesting that Solana Mobile team review the dApp's release NFT.

The publishing tool is designed for CI/CD usage - all steps, including submitting publish portal requests, can be integrated into your dApp release workflows. All files used during the NFT creation and publishing request submission steps can be committed to source control.

Agreement & Policies

Before you get started with the publishing process, you should read the following documents:

Publisher Policy

We’ve created the Solana dApp Store to be the best home for Web3 and crypto apps. Our policies exist to protect users from illegal, harmful, and misleading content, without restricting the abilities of apps to use crypto features, like trading NFTs or other digital goods.

All apps submitted to the Solana dApp Store must comply with these policies. If you have concerns about an app in the Solana dApp Store catalog, please report it to

Solana dApp Store Developer Agreement

Make sure to read and understand the Solana dApp Store Developer Agreement. These terms apply to all submissions made to the Solana dApp Store publisher portal.