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Unity SDK

Unity is a popular development platform for games and other real-time 3D experiences. Unity is commonly used by mobile game developers to build fun and engaging experiences that are playable on your phone!


The Solana Unity SDK is an open source community led project that enables Solana NFT support and RPC functionality to Unity games and projects. If you are a game developer looking to incorporate web3 features using the Solana blockchain, check out the Solana.Unity-SDK.


The Solana Unity SDK is a community-developed and maintained project and it is not an official library. Please be understanding if certain areas are still under development. Your contributions are always welcome to help address any issues you may encounter.


Solana Unity SDK Setup

A step by step guide to import and setup the Solana Unity SDK in Unity.

Mobile Wallet Adapter Integration Guide

Learn how to configure an external wallet using Mobile Wallet Adapter in your Unity project.