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Questions & Answers

What does it mean for the Solana dApp Store to be “fee-free”?

Solana Mobile, Inc. does not collect any fees on in-app purchases, app purchases, or subscriptions, nor are any fees collected on its behalf by apps in the catalog. Users may incur fees from usage of apps contained within the catalog, such as network transaction fees.

Can I charge for my app?

Absolutely! We’re exploring the addition of purchasing apps using token-gating directly within the Solana dApp Store. In the meantime, however, you are free to establish a direct economic relationship with your customers, on-chain or off.

When will you start taking submissions for the Solana dApp Store?

We’re accepting submissions starting now!

How do I build a Solana-compatible dApp?

We recommend you review the Solana Mobile Stack Github and integrate it with the SDK that corresponds to your use case, in order to transact with wallets and dApps seamlessly.

Where can I go to ask questions?

Come ask us on Discord in the #dapp-store channel.

Do I need to use the dapp-store CLI tooling to mint my publishing NFTs?

The dapp-store CLI handles all the tasks necessary for creating and minting NFTs compatible with the Solana Mobile dApp store. However, it is by no means the only way to create these NFTs and the packages have been designed to be portable to other client contexts besides the CLI.

You can find the NFT spec documentation here