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Kotlin Project Setup


Solana Mobile Kotlin Compose Scaffold

The quickest way to start developing on Kotlin is to build off of the Solana Jetpack Compose Scaffold example.

The scaffold is a basic Solana Android app built with Jetpack Compose and Material 3 components.

Follow the quickstart guide to install and run the scaffold app.

Android Project Setup

Setting up a fresh Android Project

Follow these steps to setup a fresh Android project with the recommended libraries for Solana development.

Step 1: Navigate to your Android project's build.gradle file

In Android Studio, navigate to your Android project's module build.gradle.kts file.

Step 2. Add Solana dependencies

Include the following dependencies to your Android project's build.gradle.kts file. These are the recommended core Kotlin libraries for Solana transaction building, RPC requests, and wallet signing.

dependencies {
Overview of each dependency:
  • com.solanamobile:mobile-wallet-adapter-clientlib-ktx: Mobile Wallet Adapter client library for interacting with MWA-compatible wallets.
  • com.solanamobile:web3-solana: Solana Kotlin library providing core Solana primitives like transaction building and public key class.
  • com.solanamobile:rpc-core: A Kotlin library providing a generic interface and abstractions for building Solana RPC requests.
  • io.github.funkatronics:multimult: Lightweight utility library for Base58 conversions.

Step 3. Build and run your app

Your project's dependencies should be set up and you can try building and run the app!

Next Steps

Congrats! At this point, you have installed the necessary libraries for your project and are ready to start building an app that interacts with the Solana network.

Check out the other resources on this site like guides, SDK references, and sample apps to learn more about what you can do.