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Android dApp Setup

Android Project Setup


Setting up an Android Project

Follow these steps to install the Mobile Wallet Adapter library into a new or existing Android project.

Step 1: Navigate to your Android project's build.gradle file

In Android Studio, navigate to your Android project's module build.gradle file.

Step 2. Add MWA dependencies

The Mobile Wallet Adapter SDK is hosted on Maven repository, so you just need to add the appropriate library to the dependencies section in your `build.gradle:

dependencies {
// other dependencies here
implementation 'com.solanamobile:mobile-wallet-adapter-clientlib-ktx:1.0.5'

Step 3. Build and run your app

Your project's dependencies should be set up and you can try building and run the app!

Next Steps

Congrats! At this point, you have installed the Mobile Wallet Adapter SDK into your project and are ready to start building to interact with the Solana network.

To learn more about how to integrate Mobile Wallet Adapter into your Android Native app, you can reference our Kotlin sample dApp.