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Solana Expo dApp Template

This template is a ready-to-go Expo dApp that offers:

  • Pre-installed standard SDKs like Mobile Wallet Adapter and @solana/web3.js
  • Required polyfills like react-native-get-random-values and Buffer installed.
  • Simple React UI Components like ConnectWalletButton, RequestAirdropButton, SignMessageButton.


  • An Expo account.
  • React Native and Android Envrionment setup
    • An Android device/emulator.
    • Install an MWA compliant wallet app on your device/emulator.



Initialize the template with:

npx create-expo-app --template @solana-mobile/solana-mobile-expo-template

Choose your project name then navigate into the directory.

Build and run the app

Follow the "Running the app" section in the Expo Setup guide to launch the template as a custom development build.