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Migrating from walletlib 1.x to 2.0

The Mobile Wallet Adapter 2.0 spec is published and the walletlib Android SDK has been upgraded to support MWA 2.0.

Wallets can update their application following this migration guide.

Summary of key changes

  • Introduction of feature identifiers.
  • Introduction of chain identifiers.
  • API changes to the authorize RPC request specfication adding new parameters:
    • Sign In With Solana payload
    • Chain and feature identifiers
    • authToken and addresses
  • API changes to the MobileWalletAdapterConfig object returned by getCapabilities RPC request.
  • Mandatory support of the signAndSendTransactions RPC request.
    • Additional optional parameters added to signAndSendTransactions.
  • Deprecation of reauthorize and signTransactions methods.

Migration guide

Update walletlib

To update to walletlib 2.0, simply add the latest dependency in your gradle file:

dependencies {
implementation 'com.solanamobile:mobile-wallet-adapter-walletlib:2.0.0-beta1'

There will be no breaking changes and the 2.0 implementation will be immediately backwards compatible with legacy clients.

Authorize (2.0 spec)


To conform to the updated authorize RPC request specification, the AuthorizationRequest object that is passed from walletlib through the onAuthorizeReqest callback now includes some new parameters:

AuthorizeRequest {
@Nullable Uri identityUri;
@Nullable Uri iconUri;
@Nullable String identityName;
@Nullable String authToken; // New
@Nullable String chain; // New
@Nullable String[] features; // New
@Nullable String[] addresses; // New
@Nullable SignInWithSolana.Payload signInPayload // New

New parameters:

  • authToken: An optional authToken where if provided, the wallet should attempt to reauthorize the session with it.
  • addresses: An optional list of base64 encoded account addresses that the dapp wishes to be included in the authorization scope.
  • signInPayload: An object containing the payload portion of a Sign In With Solana message.
  • chain: A chain identifier to distinguish the requested blockchain network. Replaces the deprecated cluster parameter.
    • Supported Solana network chains: solana:mainnet, solana:testnet, and solana:devnet.
  • features: An array of feature identifiers, representing features requested by the client.

Parameter: authToken

An optional authToken where if present, the wallet should attempt to reauthorize the session using it. The wallet implementation will likely be able to re-use their reauthorize logic to handle this case. This aims to replace the reauthorize RPC request and reduce the confusion between authorize/reauthorize for dApps developers.

Parameter: Sign In With Solana

An optional object containing the payload portion of a Sign In With Solana message.

If present, the wallet should present the SIWS message to the user and, if approved, include a SignInResult object in the AuthorizationResult response to the dapp endpoint.

public class SignInResult {
@NonNull public final byte[] publicKey;
@NonNull public final byte[] signedMessage;
@NonNull public final byte[] signature;
@Nullable public final String signatureType;


The AuthorizationResult object that is returned to the dapp endpoint is now constructed by passing in an AuthorizedAccount, rather than a public key and label.

Constructor for AuthorizationResult:

public AuthorizationResult(@NonNull String authToken,
@NonNull AuthorizedAccount account,
@Nullable Uri walletUriBase,
@Nullable SignInResult signInResult);

In the near future, AuthorizationResult will be updated again to support multiple accounts and store a list of AuthorizedAccount objects.

Sign And Send Transactions (2.0 spec)

Suport for the sign_and_send_transactions request has been made mandatory in the Mobile Wallet Adapter 2.0 specification. Wallets must now implement this method according to the spec.

The optional transaction parameters have also been expanded to allows dapps to further specify how transactions should be sent to the RPC by the wallet endpoint.

Additional optional parameters in SignAndSendTransactionRequest:

public class SignAndSendTransactionRequest
extends BaseVerifiableIdentityRequest<MobileWalletAdapterServer.SignAndSendTransactionsRequest> {

/* ... */

public Integer getMinContextSlot();
public String getCommitment(); // New
public Boolean getSkipPreflight(); // New
public Integer getMaxRetries(); // New
public Boolean getWaitForCommitmentToSendNextTransaction(); // New

/* ... */


For an explanation on each parameter, see the spec.


The configuration object that is used when setting up an MWA session has been updated. This object is returned to the dapp endpoint from a get_capabilities RPC request.

The boolean feature flags supportsSignAndSendTransactions and supportsCloneAuthorization have been replaced with the supportedFeatures array, using the new feature extension and identifer API.

The wallet can flag these features by adding solana:signAndSendTransaction and solana:cloneAuthorization and exposed through the new feature extension API.

int maxTransactionsPerSigningRequest,
int maxMessagesPerSigningRequest,
Object[] supportedTransactionVersions,
long noConnectionWarningTimeoutMs,
String[] supportedFeatures // Supported feature identifiers go here